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Wholesale Orders

Wholesale orders and MarigoldChic

Although we launched marigoldchic.com as our online fashion retail outlet we are still a wholesale clothing business at heart. We have been supplying bandage and other dresses to wholesale buyers around the world with the best quality at the lowest prices. They in turn have been selling our goods online, in shops to their friends and made good money doing it.


We have the cheapest Satin and bandage dresses.

Our goal is to sell lots of products every month. We do not look at a product, get emotional and dream about high profits because it looks good. We take the cost price from the factory, after we negotiated vigorously and add a small percentageprofit. We make our money through volume sales. The more we sell the cheaper our products become. We run specials from time to time if we reach a specific volume target.

Marigoldchic.com has two selling platforms built into one. The first is a standard view and it’s for retail customers. The price includes all fees. For retail customer’s Paypal.com is the recommended payment option. If you are interested in the wholesale prices please sign up and request to be added to the wholesale customer category. Your status will automatically be updated and wholesale prices will be displayed. Basically the website will adjust to you preferences and discounted prices. Please note these prices do not include any shipping coast or bank transfer fees. All shipping cost will be calculated by actual weight. As a wholesale bandage dress buyer you will only pay the exact cost to ship it to your country. Please note a minimum of five products per order is considered a wholesale order.

Quality Control

We have good relations with many clothing factories. We buy stock on a daily basis and only pay after the dresses pass our quality control department. We will never send any dress that has not gone through Quality Control. We understand that a rejected product in the UK, USA or Australia cost a whole lot more than a rejected product close to the factory where it can easily be exchanged. We check every product; yes every product. This is very rare in Asia, especially in Chinese factories. It’s not that they are bad at it but they just think it’s the buyer’s responsibility to check the goods before payment. This can and will create massive problems if the buyer is not in Asia to check the goods.

Know what and from whom you buy.

We have seven years experience supplying dresses to all kinds of resellers. Knowing your supplier and being able to communicate in English is probably the most important aspect of sourcing goods from Asia. We deal directly with the factories and will always pass our discounts on to our buyers. We are hundred percent foreign owned and are always ready to answer your questions about any aspect of importing or sourcing goods from clothing from Asia.



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